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Hey, I’m Pesets and I need you!



Who knows, what the purpose of travel is?

See and feel something new? Drown to another culture? Or just run from youself?

I don’t  know. I just feel that I live when I travel. That’s all about me.


Today I’m changing my life.

I mean totally.


For last 3 years I used to work 5/2 in the office of one small Russian company. I did really strange career there moving from a web-designer position to SEO and then the marketing manager. To learn something new all the time was really cool, but recently I decided that I did all what I could do for them and it’s time to quite.

I quit it and today is my last working day.


Tomorrow THE ADVENTURE starts.


I have planned only my European part: Kaliningrad – Gdansk – Brussels – Paris – Barcelona – Frankfurt.

And for 28 of March I have one way ticket to Rio….

And that’s the main thing! I don’t have any plans, I have no idea where to go and what to do. One more thing – I don’t really have money and job neither. Could be fun)) I hope I’ll just come across something on my way. If I’m not, well… It will be the time to think about it, not now.


So wish me luck, friends… I really need your support and some advice.

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  1. Good luck dear! You are crazy, but I think it will be cool! 😉

  2. Pretty sure this is gonna be something! Good luck babe! Best of luck!

  3. South america its the best!!! argentina brasil colombia unique!!! welcome!! to new cultures!

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