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Pesets is always Pisets — for the first day of my trip:

  1. I’ve lost my cosmetic bag at the plane (they returned it to me in an hour)

  2. My phone was broken when I came to Gdansk (fortunately I had another one to connect with my Airbnb host)

  3. My camera doesn’t connect to the laptop.

First point today was Kaliningrad.

After I’ve got my cosmetic bag  I met  Nick for a lunch in the Uzbek teahouse, suspiciously similar to the Pavlin-Mavlin in Moscow)) . Delicious lagman — 120 rubles, 50 rubles for tea. I taught Nick to promote Instagram. I must start to take the money for it))

Then we walked and checked the Königsberg cathedral and the Fish village. In my opinion there is nothing to see in the center  anymore besides this and museums.

If you’re here you should definitely go to the Sea museum. They have amazing expositions from the aquarium to the researching ship and the old submarine. I’ve been there like 3 years ago.

As well you can have an interesting excursion at the cathedral where we were told about the history of Kaliningrad and about Kant, who lived there. Previously there was  usual old European architecture, which is not surprising, after all it was Kenigsberg. But it was absolutely destroyed during the Second World War. Now only cathedral looks like it was before, and even it was reconstructed. Of course, if I remember it correctly from my last trip. For me Kaliningrad nowadays looks like a combination of some Polish city and one of the regional capitals in Russia)

The third museum that should be interesting is the Amber museum. But I again haven’t time to visit it) Should return one day.

For now I’m in Gdansk. Looking forward to explore it tomorrow!

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  1. Good start! :)

  2. And cool bus route!)
    So how much does it cost to get there from Kaliningrad to Gdansk?

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