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Gdansk — S.T.A.L.K.E.R and colorful houses

So, as it’s already became traditional, my trip to Gdansk was a total mess)

The first day I decided to go to one fortress Wisloujscie, which is in the same time a museum of the Gdansk history.

I managed to be there only by 12, missed my stop and get to Westerplatte, which is one of the places of a very hard battle in 1939. All the information there is in Polish and I think this place and a park is not so exiting for Russians who used to have a lot of such kind of war history parks.

So I returned to the bus stop where the fortress should be. Next bus was in 1,5 hour.

It’s situated in some kind of forest. There I realized that it’s closed. Because of winter or Sunday, or they just expect me to come and closed the doors )

So I didn’t have any choice to go for a walk in the forest. And what I want to say. It looked like a part of the fucking S.T.A.L.K.E.R game))) Abandoned buildings, some house in the hills, silence and sometimes strange noises.

I was waiting when some mutant will jump to me from the bush or from that strange basements)) And I’ve found one bigger building and when I was checked it out I thought that if it’s someone inside nobody would even hear my scream)

So atmosphere was really tense. And I was walking there for an hour imagining myself being stalker on the Chernobyl zone and looking for some artefacts. Or that guy from Fallout 3 on the abandoned post-apocalyptic territory. Anyway it was kind of fun. Perfect location for the strikeball.

City itself is lovely. So beautiful, bright and colorful! That’s what I like. Even in suburbs houses are painted in different colors -yellow, orange, green, even purple. Doesn’t look like Moscow unfriendly gray buildings. You can check on photos. I regret I didn’t have more time to walk in Gdansk because of the weather – most times was rainy.

Now I’m in Brussels, maybe tell somethings about it later. Tomorrow my German friend comes, we would explore it together

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  1. Ha, you always find adventures, and they really loves you! 😉
    Cool shots, I look at them and wanna go there, someday!
    I think it’s a wonderful city!

  2. Oh, now I understood that I also like.
    There’s no stupid ugly billboards and signs on a buildings! :)

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