Pesets' travels

Brussels+Antwerpen. Thanks for the memories

My staying in Brussels began from Schaerbeek. The apartment I rent from Airbnb was so awful that I run away the second day. And one more problem – you going outside and see mostly Arab people. That wasn’t what I was looking for) But nearby was really beautiful church and park, so at least I had a nice walk in this district)

Can’t tell anything exact about Brussels. Big city. Waffles, chocolates, King palace:) Some beautiful places in the center. And 3 languages — French, German and Dutch. Interesting mix.

The main thing that I enjoyed in Belgium is our trip to Antwerpen with Moritz.

We went there by his motorbike. 130-140 km per hour was a bit scary and cold)). But it was fun!

Antwerpen is pretty. With all this water and architecture. Thats a pity we didn’t have time to see more.

The way back to Brussels was crazy. We had like an hour and a half to my bus to Paris. We got all the red lights on the way, then couldn’t figure out how to pay for a fuel at their automatic oil stations, then lost the way a bit. I was at the bus station 2 minutes before the bus.


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