Pesets' travels

Paris. Looks like I missed something important

I should spend less time with friends, more explore I think)
For 3 days I haven’t seen that much as I wanted to.

The most expressive thing for me was Notre Dame Cathedral. Beautiful from both inside and outside, exciting history. Free entrance, that is important for me as well)
Pere-Lachaise Cemetery with graves of Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison is one of the most interesting ones I’ve ever seen.
And of course Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Champs-Elysees, Sena, all this tourist stuff.
As well I walked at the China Town and red light district… Not very impressive)
On the streets are a lot of cafes with tables outside and even in such a cold weather there were a lot of people.

People… There are a lot of interesting ones.. Some of them are really wierd, some are very fashion dressed. But anyway there are different from ones in another cities.

Last day I wanted to go to catacombs, but they were closed :( Ok, next time I have something to do here.

Pesets part! My friend wrote for me wrong instruction how to get to the airport! When I passed the station, where all the people got off with luggage, I called him and asked if I really need to go further. And it was a mistake. I returned from the next stop, which took about 25 minutes. When I was in the airport it was 10 minutes to the boarding time. But I was relaxed, I’m already in the control zone, will pass it and I’m at the gates. But something went wrong. I have no idea what suspicious they found in me, but guy at the control decided to check my bag. And it took a lot of time. He get out every fucking peace of cosmetics, clothes and medicines that I had in the bag. After it I shoulв pack it from the beginning. Ok, it’s 5 minutes till the gates are closing. I hear the announcement for me, that the boarding to the flight to Barcelona ends. I went for the signs and where should be a gate was a list of gates and the door to some bus. And the gates B5A to B5F are in 5 minutes by bus from the main terminal. When the bus started it was already 2 minutes after closing the gates. But I decided to try anyway. I was at the boarding gate in the end 10 minutes after. And saw Oslo at the screen. Went to the personal there and asked if the flight gone. And it didn’t! They were waiting for me hopefully. That was so cool!
Next time I’ll check on the Internet in addition to friend’s advises)
And mind the possible 15 minutes more if you take a flight from Orly arport.


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