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Spain 1. Lovely Catalunya

Hey, I’ve returned. Didn’t have that much time and internet in Spain and Germany. Now I’m in Rio.

So the 3d time in my life I went to Barcelona. I had already photos of all the places of interest in the city, so we were going with my friend by car mostly to some places around.

I wasn’t that lucky with weather, so not a lot of photos. Even if in Barcelona was sunny, rain was following us everywhere where we went)

Some places from what I’ve been visiting this time I can reccomend to visit.

  1. River Ebre and Miravet, then the way down along it’s banks Delta d’Ebre and Tarragona on  the way back. You should go there in the morning to have time to see lovely Miravet, which looks like bird nests above the river  and all the breathtaking views from the road along the river. Than you can go to Tarrgona.
  2. Tarragona. It’s lovely ancient  city. The center is still surrounded by city walls and there are old narrow streets and squares inside. They even have a Roman Amphiteatre outside the city walls almost near the sea.
  3. Tossa de Mar. It’s kind of boring touristic town) But they have a castle just on the right from the beach which is beautiful and from there you can have amazing wievs to the city and sea
  4. Berga and the reservoir Pantà de Sant Ponç. The small town in the mountains with an amazing view to the houses and all the valley from the old part. And landscapes of the reservoir between the hills are really picturesque. The water has very interesting color — like an emerald.
  5.  They have a lot of lovely cities and national parks in the mountains. There are a  lot of things to explore. We just sometimes did some stops to enjoy something interesting we saw from the road:)

Next part will be about Barcelona, some places there and people and I hope not so boring :)

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  1. Looks like a very lonely place.
    There should be playing SOAD — Lonely Day :)
    But sea views are cool and Sky is amazing!

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