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Rio de Janeiro — I love the Police!

For me Rio de Janeiro is 3 things — beaches, tourism and danger.

Brazil is the first Latin American country for me. And the main bad thing about this countries — I don’t feel safe. As a russian person don’t used to like police, but here if you see a police car with always blinking red light, you’re happy) Especially at night. Funny thing – polismen in Rio wear shorts as a part of the uniform)
I used to walk alone everywhere as well at night, so it was really hard for me to stay at home or be always looking for a company to go out.

Now about the good things in Rio de Janeiro.

Beaches and nature are amazing around Rio. Beautiful landscapes, clean water, white sand — everything to enjoy the sea. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls — you can find everything around.

Every day is a party day (maybe excepting Mondays) — a lot of parties,  live samba music, on the weekends streetfood and dancing in Lapa. At the beach neighbourhoods  — Copacabana and Ipanema are always some parties as well.

If you don’t wanna pay the entrance fee you can just go to one of the squares at some districts and enjoy free music and cheap beer just right there (one of that squares at the photos – it was Tuesday and it was still full of people – like an open air bar).

Rock culture is not really developed there — a couple of bars in Lapa, Emporio in Ipanema, expensive luxury Bukowski and a couple of real heavy metal bars – for example Heavy Duty. And it’s all for this big city. The most of subcultural people are listening to metal. The most famous Brazilian band is obviously Sepultura. I was lucky as well to came across a huge crowd of goths in Lapa)).

The main touristic attractions in Rio – Christ the Redeemer and the Sugar Loaf mountain. From both of them opens amazing views to the city and the sea around.

Architectural cites there are not that interesting. Ugly skyscrapers and a couple of beautiful buildings in the center – that’s all. For me it’s more interesting to see the architecture in favelas – small boxes which they call “houses”, but they are painted in different colors and there are a lot of street art. On weekends people partying there as well:)

People just love to party here. They are relaxed and friendly. Cariocas (locals) are kind of annoying for me as the European girl but nothing really bad. It’s just another attitude to a life and sexual topics:)


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