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Sao paolo — Rock it, baby!

Usually this city is not attract tourists as much as Rio. I think it’s a mistake.

I like Sao. It’s big, intense, people are in rush always (surprising fro brazilians!) — just like Moscow.


Downtown is much prettier than in Rio – the same skyscrapers but with nice churches and bridges. As well they have some beautiful parks. One of them near Avenida Paulista is a saved peace of the original jungles. Kind of cool in the middle of the city:)

Paulista is a business street with very interesting modern architecture – skyscrapers of different shapes and some old buildings – heritage of the colonial times mostly. On Sundays it’s closed for cars and full of strret music and walking people.

Street art

In all the city there is a crazy amount of graffities. Almost all of them are interesting and meaningful. You can see interesting examples in the center, but its better to go to Vila Madalen  – “gringo” district with a lot of bars and clubs. They have a special street Beco do Batman, which is full of cool graffities.


This is the thing wich attract me most in Sao. Since I love everithing around rock it’s like a heaven for me. They have a street Augusta, which is kind of interesting if you’re openminded. A lot of weird people, weed, prostitution, teenagers drinking vodka in the street. But the main thing – this street is full of rock clubs and on the weekends there are always long lines for the entrance.

Nearby Augusta there is street 13 de Mayo, where are a lot of rock bars and pubs with live music.

So you always can find some rock, punk, metal, indi music if you want. I had a lot of fun in there exploring it in the local way – drinking catuaba (kind of wine) at the street, eating cheap pizza without cheese, watching people and then partying in one of the bars with a nice cover band and will definitely return to Sao Paolo before I go back to Europe.


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