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Iguazu falls and Paraguai — Why not to try?

After Sao Paolo I decided to go to Iguazu falls.

On the way I came across a city Maringa. 350 thousand people, a lot of students and the weirdest church I’ve ever seen (Excepting Sagrada Familia of course)). I’ve got a bit sick and didn’t know where to go. Then my CS host drove me to a public hospital at already about 9 p.m. I just waited for 40 min and the doctor get me. Totally for free. But he was so excited to see a Russian person in this small city that forgot to sign a prescription and we should return)

Iguazu Falls situated between 3 countries – Brazil (Foz do Iguazu), Argentina (Puerto Iguazu) and Paraguay (Ciudad del este). Brazilian side is beautiful but it’s mostly just a view, Argentinian side is much better. They have 3 walking paths and much more things to do. You can just walk and enjoy views, get a boat trip to the waterfalls or a jeep safari in Jungles.

Iguazu falls are amazing. One of the most beautiful natural places I’ve ever seen. So powerful. And they situated in the national park – it means a lot of Jungles and wild animals are around. Especially all the territory is full of butterflies, who just all the time sit down on you. I stayed in Puerto Iguazu, very small town. The one nice thing – they have in the corner of the city a square from where you can see all 3 countries and there are musical fountains and in the evening they project different pictures to the water, mostly about Argentinian history and traditions. It’s amazing to see in the fountain silhouettes of people, dancing tango or fighting.

After 2 days there I checked a map and decided to go to Asunción – capital of Paraguay which is only 5 hours by bus from Cuidad del Este. Why not? The city looks like a village – not the best for the sightseeing. But there is one thing I fall in love with. Rock! It’s everywhere… You go along a street and just see in one of the yards a group of friends, playing electric guitars. Everywhere on the street you listen to some rock music and it’s full of rock bars. Didn’t expect it at all. So it’s a cool place for partying.

After a couple of days there early in the morning I went to Cuidad del Este to get a flight the next day to Sao Paolo. On the way I visited Aregua – town with a beautiful lake about 25 km from Asuncion. And when I was sitting on the beach watching a wonderful landscape I though — I don’t wanna return to Brazil yet and Argentina is so close – why not to go there?) So I ended my day in Encarnacion, city on the river Parana at the boarder with Argentina. And now I’m here! In Buenos Aires after 15 hours in the bus and in Tandil after 3 hours of hitchhiking:)

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  1. Just not enough words…

    Unbelievable places, photos and you!

    And finally the adventures begins! 😉

  2. How with hitchhike there?

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