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Iguazu falls and Paraguai — Why not to try?

IguazuParaguayMaringa After Sao Paolo I decided to go to Iguazu falls. On the way I came across a city Maringa. 350 thousand people, a lot of students and the weirdest church I've ever seen (Excepting Sagrada Familia of course)). I've got a bit sick and didn't know [...]Read more

Sao paolo — Rock it, baby!

CityStreet art Usually this city is not attract tourists as much as Rio. I think it's a mistake. I like Sao. It's big, intense, people are in rush always (surprising fro brazilians!) - just like Moscow. City Downtown is much prettier than in Rio – the same [...]Read more

Rio de Janeiro — I love the Police!

BeachesCity lifeChristo and Sugar Loaf For me Rio de Janeiro is 3 things - beaches, tourism and danger. Brazil is the first Latin American country for me. And the main bad thing about this countries - I don't feel safe. As a russian person don't used to [...]Read more

Spain 1. Lovely Catalunya

TarragonaCatalunya Hey, I've returned. Didn't have that much time and internet in Spain and Germany. Now I'm in Rio. So the 3d time in my life I went to Barcelona. I had already photos of all the places of interest in the city, so we were going [...]Read more

Paris. Looks like I missed something important

I should spend less time with friends, more explore I think) For 3 days I haven't seen that much as I wanted to. The most expressive thing for me was Notre Dame Cathedral. Beautiful from both inside and outside, exciting history. Free entrance, that is important for [...]Read more

Brussels+Antwerpen. Thanks for the memories

Brussels Antwerpen My staying in Brussels began from Schaerbeek. The apartment I rent from Airbnb was so awful that I run away the second day. And one more problem – you going outside and see mostly Arab people. That wasn't what I was looking for) But nearby [...]Read more

Gdansk — S.T.A.L.K.E.R and colorful houses

Gdansk capturesGdansk - usual districtsS.T.A.L.K.E.R So, as it's already became traditional, my trip to Gdansk was a total mess) The first day I decided to go to one fortress Wisloujscie, which is in the same time a museum of the Gdansk history. I managed to be there [...]Read more


Pesets is always Pisets - for the first day of my trip: I've lost my cosmetic bag at the plane (they returned it to me in an hour) My phone was broken when I came to Gdansk (fortunately I had another one to connect with my Airbnb [...]Read more

Hey, I’m Pesets and I need you!

  Who knows, what the purpose of travel is? See and feel something new? Drown to another culture? Or just run from youself? I don’t  know. I just feel that I live when I travel. That’s all about me.   Today I’m changing my life. I mean totally.   […]

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